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Tommy's Vegetarian Food

Tommy's foods history

Tommy's Foods cc trading as Tommy's Vegetarian Foods was established on 1 March 1994.
The name Tommy's is named after the late Mr. L Viranna (Tommy) the name Tommy's foods were created by Mrs. Naidoo also known as Kamala is the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Tommy. Being a vegetarian she had a passion for creating veg foods Tommy's veg foods is now a household name throughout South Africa. Mrs. Naidoo and our late dad Mr. J Munien (juggie) Opened a small business in 49 Lakeview drive in Silverglen. She started making and selling sev n nuts, murkoo, and soya samoosas at the basement in M Gees Center. While manufacturing and selling from the business premises, they both decided to manufacture other products such as samoosas marinated soya mince and chunks. Due to the demand of samoosas and other soya products, we have discontinued manufacturing sev & nuts and murkoo. As business begins to grow and the influx of loyal customers supporting Tommy's foods there was a need to expand and move to a bigger place. After looking around for premises they finally got premises at SBDC building in Chatsworth where we are currently located.
After moving to Chatsworth into bigger premises she then decided to expand her product range and create better vegetarian products. We use the best ingredients to ensure the best result on our end product. Tommy's vegetarian foods. For people with intelligent taste, the above motto was created by the late Mr. J Munien

We at Tommy's foods are forever thankful to all our loyal customers and suppliers of all walks of life. Mrs. Naidoo is now semi-retired but still continues to play a vital role in the company.