HERBI VŌHR – Bacon 100g

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Our smokey ‘bacon’ is the ideal substitute for traditional breakfast bacon.

Ingredients: Vegetable protein (wheat gluten), soy, onion, garlic, salt, chickpeas, beetroot, tomato, liquid smoke, veg stock and spices

NOTE: This vegan bacon is precooked, and only needs a very light fry in shallow oil on both sides for the flavour to be released.

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HERBI VŌHR is a Johannesburg based company producing popular plant-based 'meats'

The team believes that veganism or a plant-based lifestyle is the only one that makes sense - for our own health, for the environment, and for our fellow earthlings. They realize, however, that transitioning to this kinder, healthier but perhaps unfamiliar lifestyle can be challenging, so they've created delicious replacement products to smooth the way. And if you've been plant-based or vegan for a while, but you still miss some of the remembered tastes you grew up with, these are for you too!
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