Pesto Princess – Butter Cape Malay Curry Sauce 500g

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Ingredients: Onion, tomato (26%), water, vegetable oil (canola or sunflower), sweet potato, fresh garlic (1.7%), fresh ginger (1.7%), salt, leaf & madras masala (0.6%), coriander seeds, cumin seeds, all spice, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves
Weight: 500g

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Pesto Princess

Pesto Princess


Kathleen_BasilFrom humble beginnings in a Cape Town kitchen sixteen years ago, we are now well on our way to turning Pesto Princess into a world-class company, on one condition: it must be fun. We could say a whole lot of heroic stuff about what it means to be world-class, and if you want to know more scroll to the bottom. For now, let’s sum it up in two words:

We care.

We really care, we don’t just pretend to. We care about everything there is to care about in the realm of business. WHAT WE MEAN BY WORLD-CLASS 1. Remain true to the original recipes 2. Work without additives or preservatives 3. Reduce the impact our business has on the planet and its’ people 4. Give sustainable farming practices the royal thumbs up 5. Look for like-minded suppliers to partner with us 6. Treat all people that cross our path like royalty, and that includes you our customer, you our supplier, and you our staff member.
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