Veggie Divine – Vegan Boerewors pack of 4

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A pack of 4 Vegan Boerewors.

Ingredients: Vegetable Protein, Wheat Protein, Spices, Starch, Vegetable Oil, Chillies, Water

Allergens: Wheat, Gluten from wheat, Soya, Chillies

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Veggie Divine

Veggie Divine Foods

All vegetarians, vegans and non meat-eaters deserve a variety of pure vegetarian meat free products available to them. With that thought in mind, Veggie Divine Foods was born. The organisation has been founded by a family of vegetarians dedicated to providing quality, wholesome, healthy vegetarian products for the community. All products are 100% meat free and produced under stringent conditions to ensure freshness and quality in every product. As man’s thirst for resources increase, the natural resources of mother earth are being rapidly depleted to provide for mankind. All individuals need to reduce their carbon footprint. Veggie Divine Foods supports sustainable initiatives and is part of the global “Meat Free Monday” initiative. As a global brand, sustainability is close to our hearts and we are always looking at initiatives to reduce, conserve, reuse and recycle. We urge our customers to invest in mother nature and recycle as much as possible. At Veggie Divine Foods, where possible we use recycled materials and recycle our own waste products to lead by example.
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